Corporate Philosophy

We align our sustainable actions with the market in the long term, so these are our guiding principles. 

We want you to know the core values Tellmann Consulting that stands for and also how these values benefit you. You’ll notice that this value set constantly resonates in our cooperation.


Our services stand for efficiency. In order for you to achieve your optimal performance, quality is our top priority. As a responsible company, we offer you the high standard we promise. We’re your reliable service partner who makes no compromises when it comes to efficiency.


As a professional service provider, it’s a matter of course for us to constantly optimise all processes and procedures for successful cooperation. In business interactions, clarity in communication and person-to-person respect are also particularly important to us. Our ambition is to be your leading professional partner.


Reliability is a quality that our clients particularly value, as is a trusting relationship based on partnership. You’ll quickly discover that Tellmann Consulting is an authentic company and a strong partner with integrity at all times.


The sustainability of our services and the long-term orientation of our business activities are two cornerstones of our business activities. We see ourselves as a responsible company with an impetus that goes beyond the pure pursuit of profit.

There’s always an impetus to start a business. This company focuses on the following mission:

  • To increase efficiency in the client’s business while achieving savings.
  • To make modern and high-quality service available to any business at fair prices.
  • To be a reliable service provider and business partner with which you can interact.

There’s always something to strive for. Tellmann Consulting’s vision is:

  • To maintain the position of a top service provider nationally and internationally.
  • To constantly develop and distribute innovative concepts.
  • To continue to be valued as a professional, responsible partner and service provider that stands for integrity and sustainability.
  • To continuously increase the brand awareness and brand popularity of Tellmann Consulting nationally and internationally.

The premium brand Tellmann Consulting stands for:

  1. High-quality services in interim management and consulting
  2. Well-thought-out concepts for high levels of customer satisfaction
  3. Groundbreaking solutions to boost competitive advantage
  4. Experience in national and international markets
  5. Clarity in communication and person-to-person appreciation
  6. Long-standing business with long-term orientation of business activities