It’s often easier to increase profits through strategic purchasing
than through higher sales

Source the best &
forget the rest

Procurement Managers and Travel Managers are always impressed by the optimisation potential
and the reduction in their workload.

Procurement Management




+ + + Project development in tourism + + + accommodations with a conscious and sustainable lifestyle on and near the water + + + Optimization of the service portfolio + + + Short-term and sustainable improvement of results + + + Value engineering in indirect purchasing and travel management + + +

Procurement and Travel Management

Tellmann Consulting offers the entire spectrum of procurement and travel management services. Our professional support includes consulting, interim management and business development.

You’re not left to your own devices when it comes to the daily challenge of companies to optimise costs and processes. Many companies entrust Tellmann Consulting GmbH, a company with strong negotiating and implementation skills, with an extensive network that guarantees outstanding results from a reliable quality provider. Not only do we develop smart international concepts, but we’re also a savings diplomat with negotiation and implementation skills in all industries. We also offer professional support for indirect purchasing and travel management in the areas of interim management, consulting and business development.

With a view from the outside, many years of experience, and a well-thought-out and innovative toolbox, we ensure cost reductions, process optimisations, consolidation and excellent supplier relations. During our assignment, we build sustainable know-how in your company, so that you can stay ahead of the competition in the future.

It doesn’t matter whether your business is in the oil & gas, financial services, automotive, engineering, telecommunications or aviation industries, as we can help you achieve your purchasing and travel management goals optimally and efficiently.

Economic Value


Renegotiations, quick wins, bundling, demand management


Outsourcing, reorganisation, standardisation


Payment terms, new business models, purchasing cards

INCREASED TRANSPARENCY Standardised systems, spend analysis, commodity group management
NEW SOURCES OF SUPPLY Global sourcing, auditing, pre-qualification, special and individual procurement
INTERFACE MANAGEMENT Single point of contact, internal marketing, systems, change management


Single Point of Contact, Internes Marketing, Systeme, Change-Management